·A Practical Example of the Effect of ICT on Women’s Venture Creation
·Value chain augmentation for grassroots innovations, making India innovative
·UN expands partnerships with locals
·TWBI exhibiting dedicate spirits in 3.8 International Women's Day
·Tianjin Women’s Business Incubator Attended The 2007 Chinese Informative Spring Intercourse of Medium and Small Businesses
·Tenants participate The Tianjin International Fine Chemical Exhibition
·Expert from Australia visit TWBI
·International Conference of Grassroots Innovations Management is held in Tianjin
·天津市舵手家政服务公司(Pre-Incubation tenants)
·Wuhuan Freight Service Co.
(Graduated Enterprises)
·Watesi Business & Manufactory Co.
(Graduated Enterprises)
·Hehan Science & Technology Co.
(Graduated Enterprises)
·Andi Development Co.
(Graduated Enterprises)