Grassroots Innovation Source of Business

  At present, China is building harmony society and the implementing of innovation-oriented as development strategies, innovation has become pay more attention to the topic. The needs of community, life and production practice are the source of invention and innovation, a great deal of creative invention in grassroots. Grassroots innovation not only in shaping the universal culture of innovation is of great significance, but also help poor eliminate poverty and building a harmonious society important ways. For a long time, China’s Grassroots innovation is basically in a state but it’s difficult for using civil society, and their value has not been well developed, commercialization of inventions created by the low level. InfoDev of the World Bank with the support of the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, SRISTI of India and Brazil cooperates in grassroots innovative research projects. To promote the fruits of their research , Tianjin Women’s Business Incubator has promoted the project with TUFE for a one-month.

  Held China-National Workshop on GRI on March, 21-22 2008 which organized by APCTT and TUFE supported by International Cooperation Division, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of China, Beijin and DSIR of Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, New Delhi. The specialists from India, Malaysia, Philippine, Sri Lanka have speech. The director of TWBI, Ms. Guihuan Li represents TWBI to the topic of “Establishing a support system for local women’s business creation——from government to society”. She refers to women entrepreneurs also have their own unique ideas, clever ideas, unique business philosophy, grassroots innovation everywhere, sophisticated technology is innovative, we can also be seen innovative thinking in our life, and stressed that TWBI is to creation for female entrepreneurial idea, entrepreneurship base, financial assistance, professional guidance, as well as integrated services incubator.

  Prof. Anil K. Gupta Vice-Chairman of National Innovation Foundation of India introduces innovative practice in India. Mr. Ramesh Patel, SRISTI had speech about Mainstreaming of Farming’s Innovation and Conservation of Local Biodiversity: the Honey Bee Experience .Mr. Yuli Zhang, Nankai University talked about rural entrepreneurship: A GRI Perspective. Innovation by the Grassroots team of Ji County , Teacher Lu Ming introduced students innovation in the rural.