Sunrain Baby Service Center

       Sunrain Baby Service Center, a shop with sepecial character located in Tianjin Women’s Business Incubator,is opened by a couple Zhang Xiangjun and Zhao Weimin who are all laid-off workers.Inspired by a chance,when they want to shave lanugo for their baby, they find that there few barber for baby but great demand in the market,so they decided to learn this technic and creat opportunity reemployment. Thinking the baby speciality,they provide room service and dedicate to provide the best service for the consumers.Afterward,Zhao Weimin find that more and more infant parents would like to leave beautiful memeories for their children, so they start manage the fetal and infant hands footprints customizing service.Zhang Xiangjun often says, The Party's Central Committee call for sustainable development,we must integrate this theroy in the management, understand it and use it. The couple find that the intrest space of the infant market is very large but demands are changing all time,so this center provide integration service for baby and infant from shaving lonugo, lonugo ink-brushes, hands footprints and 100-days baby photography to developing early education. The business philosophy : consumers are resoures,mastering resoureces is mastering verything. Mr. Zhang know detail informations of very clients and their babies to keep contact timely and provide related service according clients demand in different ages.

        Sunrain Baby Service Center is a special professional organization for baby lonugo shaving ,photography and related keepsake,mainly keepsake include hands footprints, lonugo ink-brushes,lonugo badge,etc.with varieties ,novelty and work well.With the aim of providing best service for the clients,The center offer room service for cosumer who can know related products and enjoy best service in doors, experience the first tenet of the center is service for clients.

Add.:A219 room, Tianjin Women’s Business Incubator Buliding  

 Tel:24300928 24301807