Huang Qingyi, Secretary of ACWF for Research to TWBI

  On April 10, vice chairman and first secretary of the Party Group of All-National Women's Federation Ms.Huang Qingyi, and Party secretary of ACWF ,Ms. Wang Naikun ,accompany by Tianjin Municipal Government Deputy Mayor Ms.Zhang Junfang, Zhu Liping President of Tianjin Women's Federation, Mr.Bi baoquan deputy head of Hedong District had visited TWBI.

  President of TWF, Zhu Liping , expressed sincere thanks to Ms.Huang Qingyi for Tianjin women and children for a long time to the concern and support on behalf of TWF and to thanks for Tianjin municipal government on women's development and attached great importance to women's work and support for. Ms.Li Guihuan, the director of TWBI introduced women business in Tianjin .Mr. Huang Tieliang ,the manager of homework Corp, Secretory of women's micro-credit Li JinFeng present at the meeting.

  Ms.Wang HuaiYing, vice chairman of the Tianjin Women's Federation, led the delegation to report on the TWBI, the Women microloan and Homework Corp. as established by TWF itself, it is build up female entrepreneurship, solve employment, and for women development of the work in all aspects. Women's entrepreneurship in the centre and the re-employment of women entrepreneurs play a catalytic role, not only for women entrepreneurs to provide guidance and support is more important to optimize the environment for women entrepreneurs. Ms. Huang Qingyi fully affirmed the work of TWBI,it has great achievement under the leader of TWF , the majority of women in Tianjin to play an important role in economy fields.

  Ms. Huang Qingyi and his party also went to visit incubate enterprise.

  Jinlan ,the manager of St. Boluo Trading Company ,she is laid-off women workers in the past, She is very interested in and developed products handmade clay sculpture which is Tianjin civil handmade product. Ms.Huang said: clay sculpture product contains the traditional Chinese culture, the development of handicraft industry should be strongly supported, not only laid-off workers start their own businesses successfully, but also for the community to provide more jobs.


  The group also visit the Quanrun Water machine Corp. which is established by Ms.Huang Xiaoming, engages in water pools inspected, leading to the understanding of water purification with interest the development of the industry needs to listen to the President Huang Xiaoming two time business experience. her own business venture projects and helping students practice with the practice of giving encouraged; the group went to Shibo commercial and trade Corp. which is found by university students , Cui Yali. Ms.Huang Qingyi has asked her works and products what countries have been sold, the problems facing college students business, Ms. Huang also know about something which difficulties for entrepreneurs , entrepreneurship training, counseling and financing loans, support services .She is very pleased to encourage young people to initiate their own businesses and realize their own value in serving the community.