Work together fight earthquake,love unlimitted for people in need---- A letter to entrepreneurs

  A Strong earthquake measuring on 7.8 Richter scale hits wenchuan,Sichuan province in China on 12th May,2008. CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach importance to the disaster, Hu Jintao,Wen Jiabao and other central leaders made important instruction in the earthquake relief work .Cadres and mass in disaster area work together against quake-hit, all relief work of the earthquake develop in an orderly manner. However, this earthquake is the highest magnitude and the greatest strength in Sichuan Province,earthquake damage is very serious, affected many areas and people, relief work and reconstruction is serious difficult,it need giving help and love donation from all society. When disaster struck, help came from all sides is a good expression of international cooperation spirits.

  Tianjin Women’s Business Incubator initiate all society and entrepreueurs: Paying more attention to quake-hits areas,trying our best to help people in need through spirits and substance,providing all assistance to disaster areas,active participation in quake relief.

  All entrepreneurs from all sides should extend our hands expressing warm regards and love to disaster area in our power with all kinds of donation. We also call on all people of love no matter where you are,no matter what ability you have,please extend your hand and dedicate your effort to the people in disaster area, help the people in need overcome the earthquake.Under the strong leadship of the party and government ,under the assistance and concern from all sides, we firmly believe that the people in disaster will conquer disaster and difficulties,quickly restore production,rebulit homes, win the final victory of the earthquake relief.

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  Tianjin Women’s Business Incubator

  May 13,2008