5th MENAinc Workshop in Bahrain:Shaping the Future through Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Herewith we invite you to attend the 5th MENAinc Workshop to be held in Bahrain, October 21 – 24, 2007.


This workshop is aimed at raising awareness about the role of innovation and entrepreneurship for economic development and competitiveness as well as strengthening regional collaboration for entrepreneurship development in MENA countries.


Representatives of business incubators and technology parks, policymakers, financial and private sectors are invited to attend.


The main topics of the conference are:

¨       Effective Regulatory and Policy Frameworks for promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship

¨       Supporting Women entrepreneurship

¨       Financing the start-up and growth of innovative technology based enterprises

¨       Implementing effective and sustainable incubator business models

¨       Performance monitoring and impact assessment of entrepreneurship programs


Attached follows the program.  Please note that the program will be continuously updated at our website www.menainc.net  here you will also find information on registration procedures, accommodation, etc.


In order to enable an intensive exchange of experience, information, and views only a limited number of participants can attend. Early registration is therefore strongly recommended.  Please go to www.menainc.net to register.  Upon registration you will receive further information regarding your admittance to the workshop, necessary preparation work, and the final workshop program and venue.


Courtesy of infoDev and MENAinc, the participation in the workshop is free of charge. Travel and hotel accommodation must be covered by workshop participants.


Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at lamia@MENAinc.net, omeroz@MENAinc.net and administration@MENAinc.net .  If you cannot attend the workshop personally, you may forward this invitation to interested persons.


Looking forward to meeting with you in Bahrain!


With kind regards,


Omer Oz                                 Ellen Olafsen

MENAinc Coordinator and                                  infoDev

Host of the Workshop                                    

Bahrain Business Incubator Center               


About infoDev

infoDev is a multi-donor consortium hosted by the World Bank Group.  It aims to foster innovative and effective use of information and communication technologies for sustainable development and poverty reduction.  Its core areas of focus are ICT-enabled Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Access to ICT, and Mainstreaming of ICT in developing sectors, such as Education.


As part of our ICT-enabled Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, since 2002, infoDev has been supporting more than 60 incubators in 40 countries with financial and technical assistance.  Over time, this initiative has evolved into a global network of incubators with active regional networks in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe & Central Asia, Latin America & the Caribbean and the Middle East.  infoDev also provides an online tool for knowledge-sharing and networking: www.idisc.net


For more information about:

·  infoDev, please see www.infodev.org

·  infoDev’s Incubator Initiative, please see www.infodev.org/businessincubation