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Kuala Lumpur, 15 August 2007 ? The most famous social entrepreneur today is 2006 Nobel  prize  winner  Mohammad Yunus. Less famous, but equally inspirational are young  up-coming  social  entrepreneurs ? over 500 have so far applied under the Global  Young Social Entrepreneurs? Competition 2007 and more are doing so everyday. Young women and men that have latched onto the vision of changing the world through  business:  business  with  a  social  or  ecological  twist.  Given the tremendous  interest,  Global  Knowledge  Partnership  (GKP)  is  extending  the Competition  deadline  to  9 September 2007. The Competition is supported by GKP members  UN  Development  Programme (UNDP), Microsoft, International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).


54%  of  the world population is aged below 25 years old. Many of these youths ? in  developing and developed countries alike ? are motivated by a job that helps make  the  world  a  better place, yet also earns them a living. Enter the young social entrepreneurs of our time.


These  young and up-coming social entrepreneurs from all around the globe are in good  company  ?  for  example the company of Mohammad Yunus, the most prominent social  entrepreneur  these days who received the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize for his pioneering  microfinance  social  business  in  Bangladesh  (Grameen  Bank). But high-profile  social  entrepreneurs  have  also  made their entry into the World. Economic  Forum  and  taken  top  places  in awards programmes such as the World Challenge  2006.  They  all  testify to the increased interest in the concept of social  business  over  the  last  years,  resulting  in the coining of the term?social enterprise?.


What  exactly  is a social enterprise? Mohammad Yunus in his Nobel Lecture said:?Let us suppose an entrepreneur, instead of having a single source of motivation (such  as,  maximizing  profit),  now  has  two sources of motivation, which are mutually  exclusive,  but  equally compelling - a) maximization of profit and b) doing good to people and the world.?


Rinalia  Abdul  Rahim,  Executive  Director  of  the GKP Secretariat, says: ?The quality  of  applications  received  to  date  indicates that there are a lot of ingenious,  innovative young entrepreneurs who are contributing towards a better future  with new business models. With our support, they can go a long way?. All submissions are viewable by the public.


The  Competition  is  part  of  GKP?s ongoing programme in the area of youth-led social enterprises. It is fully web-based and open to applicants worldwide until the  (extended)  closing  on  9  September  2007.  100  winners  selected  by an international online jury will be announced on 20 October 2007.


The  winners  receive  more  than just sponsorship to attend the dedicated Young Social Entrepreneurs? Forum, 11-13 December 2007, at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre,  Malaysia  . In true entrepreneurial spirit, they are presented with the unique  opportunity  to  potentially  secure  funding, networking, mentoring and knowledge  for  themselves  ? key areas in which young social entrepreneurs need support,  especially  in  their  early  years.  10 of the winners will pitch for secure  funding in real-time sessions. All 100 winners will meet various funding organisations,  mentors,  experts, potential partners or the media; be part of a crowd  of  innovative  and  motivated  young  social  entrepreneurs; network and showcase  with the 2000 participants of the larger GKP Event on the Future (GK3) ? of which the Forum is a special highlight.


The  Competition  is  supported  by GKP members UN Development Programme (UNDP), Microsoft,  International  Development  Research  Centre (IDRC) and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA).


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