TWBI and WHWBI Jointly Held the First Women’s Business Incubator Video Conference

The first women’s business incubator video conference was held jointly by Tianjin Women’s Business Incubator (TWBI) and Wuhan Women’s Business Incubator (WHWBI) on June 21, 2007. Both sponsors made much of this conference. Ms.Li Guihuan, director of TWBI, Dr.Yang Xiaofei, assistant secretary-general of Tianjin Association for Promoting Science and Technology Business Incubator, Mr. Zhi Qingda, professor of Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, Ms. Shi Dahong, chairman of Wuhan Women’s Federation, Ms. Qin Muping, vice-chairman of Wuhan Women’s Federation, Ms. You Huifang, director of WHWBI, Ms. Xu Guangrong, headmaster of Wuhan women cadre school, Ms. Zhang Qin, director of Wuhan Dohu Technology Business Incubator, and some entrepreneur representatives took part in this conference. The experts and leaders took an intensive discussion about the subjects such as the hot spots of incubator, the goal crowd of incubator service, the bottleneck problem of incubator construction, female incubator construction and government support.

The topic of this conference is the construction and development of incubator. As special economic technological association, business incubator plays an important role in transforming production of science and technology, fostering new enterprise, attracting talent, cultivating entrepreneurs, creating employment opportunity, reducing investment risk as well as prospering regional economies. Besides, ICT technology enhances the function and efficiency of incubators. This network forum has strengthened intercourse and the communication between incubators. They shared experiences, studyed problems in development, created opportunity of development. Thus they can achieve the aim that promoting the function and the efficiency of incubator by using ICT technology.

This conference is successfully made the sister incubators communication online, they could exchange condition and experience respectively, discuss problems in development. Both the incubators and incubatees were offered development opportunity from this network meeting.