International Conference of Grassroots Innovations Management is held in Tianjin

International Conference of Grassroots Innovations Management has been held in Tianjin University of Finance & Economics on May31-June2, 2007. Tt is an important part of a project in World Bank named:”GLOBAL GIAN: Building Global Value Chain around Green Grassroots Innovations and Tranditional Knowledge”. And this project is performed by China, India and Brazil.

The topic of the conference including: strengthening the value of grassroots innovations; the contribution of grassroots innovations in China to the global business incubators; the experience of the Chinese, Brazilian, Indian business incubators; the social group from cities and countries taking part to innovations; the financial support to the incubation to grassroots innovations; traditional knowledge and biologic diversity; young person participate in global innovation activities, etc.

The aim of the conference is putting up a transnational and inter-regional technology, management and information platform for converting grassroots innovations into venture creation and establishing international grassroots innovation incubator by the extensive cooperation between international scholar, government and international organization as well as global grassroots innovation person.

This conference has caused wide public concern. Prof. Anil Gupta, chair professor of Entrepreneurship, vice-chair of National Innovation Foundration, Wangheng, the famer innovator, winner of the second prize at national technical invention attended this meeting. Besides, famous experts, scholars, government official and non government organization official, who are from china, India, Brazil, and other 14 countries, as well as UNESCO and World Bank, took part to this conference. During the conference, the attendees carry comprehensive and sufficient discussion about successful case in grassroots innovation incubator, the network of grassroots innovation, as well as the prospect of international cooperation.