Tianjin Women’s Business Incubator Attended The 2007 Chinese Informative Spring Intercourse of Medium and Small Businesses

“The 2007 Chinese informative spring alternating meetings of medium and small businesses " hold by Chinese computer newspaper office is convened in April 11, 2007 in Beijing Jing Xi guesthouse. Tianjin Women’s Business Incubator and relative enterprises took part in this meeting.

Since reforming and opening up, the non-public economy and medium and small businesses have developed vigorously. Their position in the social progress and development of national economy of our country become outstanding day by day, taking affect increasingly obviously. The fast development of medium and small businesses has still formed the huge demand of labor force, and has alleviated employment pressure.

In 2007, medium and small businesses go to heat continuously, and informative process is a sharp weapon of its development undoubtedly! Informative takes advanced tool and scientific management to help medium and small businesses to raise operation efficiency and profit ability, promoting competitive ability and help medium and small businesses to become bigger in terms of both size and influence. But now, the informative level of the medium and small businesses of our country is in primary stage yet, the informative rate of medium and small businesses is no more than 10%, so it still has huge market to develop potential. Have in view of this, it is important to carry the informative construction of medium and small businesses forward actively, drive industrialization with informative process, let industrialization promote the informative, take application support development of information industry. The meeting still selected the difficulty in informative process of medium and small businesses, took research and discussion about the specific and typical case.

This meeting still invites the famous toastmaster in CCTV2 to hold a dialogue named as "take use to perform business, perfect market environment of spring promotion, carry the informative process of medium and small businesses forward ". Dialogue has invited the vice-president of Legend Group, the product majordomo of Intel Chinese Ltd, director of Chinese enterprise information alternating center, and the researcher in circulation industry promotes central of Department of Commerce to discuss around theme, various thought and viewpoint let whole dialogue be spectacular. Besides, alternating meeting scene sets the informative product and scheme of medium and small businesses demonstration.