TWBI exhibiting dedicate spirits in 3.8 International Women's Day

Following with the step of the Spring, the 8th March International Women’s Day is coming. In this day, TWBI, the consultant team and the TWBI’s tenant participate in the event of Protection women’s right and Spring winds bring position,  that sponsored by Tianjin Women’s Federation, Tianjin Labor and Social Security Bureau, Tianjin Agriculture Committee, Tianjin Justice Bureau, to provide with consulting and position for women. This event was held in the front of Binjiang Shopping Mall, where is the bustling street in Tianjin.

In order to meet women’s different requirement, TWBI provide several kinds training for laid-off women workers, including Computer skills training, Start Your Business training and Nutrition pantryman training, most of them are free of charge for women. At the same time TWBI sending booklet for every coming people almost 2,000.

The tenant including off-site incubatee Boan Labor service Co. Ltd and on-site incubatee Liang Jingjing house keeping company total provide position 80 for women. The consultant team provide consulting and direction for women in the course of reemployment or open their own business.

The participation of TWBI and it’s tenant give more meaning for this event and provide more service and training for women.