The ICT project of the World Bank infoDev Initiative Development

  Up to the year 2005, the number of the global internet users had accounted to 60 million including over 10 million Chinese users and 40% of them are wide line users. China has a quarter of the whole world’s population, over 4.1million computers which could surf on the internet, and also 668900 website made by Chinese corporations.

  Some experts predicted, In china, with the reduction of the hardware’s price, the number of the users would increase sharply. And then the information trend would be irresistible. With this trend, the lack of social resource makes the competitive ability of small businesses decrease. But in china, small businesses made a half of social fortune though they just have one thirds of the social resources. Supporting small businesses would be the focus of the governments and the international societies.

  The World Bank ,UN put eliminating digital-gap and decreasing the differences between the poor and the rich as important role.

  Women entrepreneurs:

  A special group women entrepreneurs, who start up small businesses became target group. In china, in the past, nobody knew how to make this group follow up the information trend and decrease digital-gap.TWBI, as the only one of its kind in china to focus on women’s empowerment through business creation, was established at Oct.2000., sponsored by UNDP, AusAID and Chinese government. She makes the lay-off women in the city live without poverty, paves a new way for starting businesses or reemployment, and provide suggestion for Chinese government policy established.

  In 2003.6 with special advantage TWBI got 200000 $ grant of infoDev business incubators. Meanwhile, TWBI also got finical, facilities and technology from Bureau of Finance of Tianjin, Tianjin government information office and CNC Tianjin.

  Objects of ICT :

  Enhancing the information technology, changing and increasing the abilities of TWBI and women entrepreneurs, promoting the electricity and informationization of TWBI ,improving the awareness SMEs to use ICT, and TWBI can be sustainable development.

  TWBI as a base of women-owned business, promote the spirit of “encouraging innovation, forgive failure, honesty and practicality”. Integrate the business training, item recommendation, business incubation, employment and meeting demand of social as a system through providing consultation and training, business starting direction, funds seeds, business incubation and the information communication technology service. It is an important subject of this project that promoting the employment by business creation and developing women’s business incubator by ICT, innovation is the unique way to development in knowledge economy ages and it is no wonder that the high-tech has already connect with the business incubator closely. We improve the function and effectiveness of TWBI through the following five activities..

  TWBI experienced the remarkable changes of using ICT under the grant of the infoDev initiative development project:

  1.Web center has built up a suitable digital system, which reaches a fairly level of internet basic, a group of experts who have the relative experiences and it can do the internet technology supporting. Ensure that incubator can use ICT to get information from the society.

  2.Have done the ICT training for the management and target group, TWBI built up a training room with 15 computers under the grant, where not only supports basic internet training, but also starts some software skill training such as Photoshop, Coredrow, AtuoCAD. Not just for the tenants, also for all the lay-off workers. After the grant over, we believe that this part of work will continued develop.

  The training for the incubator and Micro-credit, such as workshop, skills of ICT, marketing management have hold . Now all the stuff can use computer .

  3. For enhancing business starting of lay-off women, TWBI start many kinds of training and advisory works. Help lay-off women enhance the ability of marketing competition. According to their requirement, TWBI introduced the SYB training from ILO, totally start 21 periods courses from 2004.10 to 2005.11, including 504 women entrepreneurs. Also providing ICT training for 180 women entrepreneurs under the infoDev project.

  4. The business plan competition hold by TWBI got lots of active reactions. At present, the government encourages business creation and developing private enterprise, this activity can conduct the business creation rational than emotional and enhance the chance of the success. AT the period of the implementation of the ICT project , TWBI hold two competition in 2004 and 2005, set up “ Women Business Fund” account to 1,000,000RMB.provided support of policy, finance and work space for 34 winners in two years. And this event will go on. This activity also attracted some local incubator and small businesses service organization to hold the same kinds of competition.

  5. that developed by TWBI under infoDev project provide consultation and training online to meet the demand of SMEs. The service made the connect between government and entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs could get the information at home. Small credit project recommend, business information.

  Business tools contains resource services, computer courses, business plan, marketing plan, providing all kinds of business and law contract, agreement references, starting business salon and forum, supporting an area for online questions and experiences sharing. Online services provide opportunity products exhibition for the business and help the business get more chance to cooperation and development.

  6. Supported by project the pre-incubation and off-site incubation have made the achievement. Through this kind of mode, some small enterprise at the early-stage limited in place or fund out of the TWBI, can get the guidance and support of TWBI. (For instance: Boheng Science and Technology, WangluoWangwei, Qinqin housekeeping, Chaoyi bookstore, the portable solar cooker development etc.), there are 5 pre-incubated enterprises and 10 off-site enterprises now.

  7.TWBI and project management of Tianjin Women's Federation have participated in international, domestic business incubator seminar and forum many times, share and explore the management experience of incubator with other delegates and experts. Participated in “The International Business Incubation Forum in Beijing ” in September of 2003, participate in the global business incubator forum in India in 2003, 2004. Studied the operation experience of the incubator of Korea and American and some domestic advanced business incubators.

  8. Wang Zhiqiu, the president of the Tianjin Women's Federation, lead the delegation to participate in "global business incubation forum” which hold by the World Bank infoDev in New Delhi, India on Oct. 2004. The Women Business Incubator Union was found under her proposal. She suggested Tianjin government to set up the Tianjin business incubator support network that has got support from government and implementation and take the lead in establishing the network association of business incubator in Tianjin.

  9. With the help and support of World Bank, the experience of TWBI infoDev project is paid close attention by international organization and domestic organization. The essay related practice experience written by TWBI was pressed on the first page and recorded by a magazine named “Development of Gender and ICT”, part of the Holland Oxford Funds Programs. The data of World Bank e-gender international video conference that TWBI participated in was recorded by World Bank website. Recently, we cheerfully learned that TWBI project is also chosen as the candidate of the award-winning by Stockholm Challenge Award in 2006.Through the World Bank infoDev project implementation, the woman entrepreneur’s interest and utilizing ICT is promoted. Some typical examples have emerged.

  Yan Hongyi, an ordinary laid-off female worker, relied on a spirit of improving herself to participate TWBI’s training. Inspired here, she establish an artistic studio together with her husband. She turned the hobby “clay figurine creation” into the goods and introduced to the market. After taking the use of computer network information training, she began selling products online. She said, when the market is open, she will recruit more workers, and help more people to obtain position.

  With 4000 RMB petty loan provided by UNDP, a laid-off female worker Chang Lixia established a small bookstore and make a living. But with business enlargement and development, the difficulties of management and administration were encountered. She came to TWBI and joined the training. Then she received and inspired greatly. After going back, she established the online bookstore soon, not merely regained all investment now, but also opened up the selling market greatly. And she receives the cooperative request constantly now. (Interview lens), 2005 Chang Lixia participated in the contest of business plan and obtained 2 grade awards.

  Huanbo Science and Technology Co. Ltd. is also established by a woman entrepreneur Yu Ying, who won first prize of business plan competition in 2005 with rational financial plan and characteristic marketing plan. The main business of her enterprise is sale, service, technical support of ERP financial software in Tianjin, and offer the financial affairs and integrated solution of business administration. After entering TWBI and accepting ICT training, on the basis of traditional sale, she incorporate the marketing of the network, the competitiveness of enterprise is enhanced. Through Internet she has gained numerous customers and strengthened the prestige of enterprise. At the same time, she run public information construction training with TWBI together many times actively.

  Tianjin Zhong Ke Jian Ye Network Technology Co Ltd. is a knowledge-intensive , technology-intensive high-tech enterprise developed at a high speed in Tianjin, incorporate studying , developing , using , producing , selling and serving, offer technological consultation to user, integrated technological service such as system proving, system analysis, software development , hardware selecting , technical training , system maintaining ,system expanding ,etc.. The company has been devoted to all the time the computer telephone integration and the research and development in the flow media and machine vision such as advanced sound, video image technology, etc. It offers the new high-tech product with leading industry and omni-directional software and hardware to customer and unifies the solution with all strength. The company has been still paying close attention to the development at full speed of Internet technology conscientiously all the time, and is devoted to the spread of this new and developing trade technology with great enthusiasm.

  Yin Te Gong Mao Co Ltd. graduated enterprise was established by two sisters. The company specialized incipiently in leather and fur products, succeeded in put out " Ling Long “ serial leather of brand and leather grass dress, and succeed in making the transition as the brand management company in 2003. Through the diligent cultivation of a few years, the company made the bumper harvests of the economic benefit and social benefit in Tianjin. The company is devoted to the famous-brand clothing with the idea of “annotating brand classics and advocating the culture of the dress ". Its sane management style and development spirit are praised. Supported by TWBI, the company expands region to manage, develop labor send business and top-grade design ornament business. ICT plays an important role in enterprises exploiting market.

  Ying He Food Trade Co., Ltd was created by a laid-off female worker in July 27, 2004. She established the company in rich experience of food trade. The company makes food, beverage, can and condiment as the main fact and enjoys the preferential policy of reemploying promptly since the beginning of establishment, became service type enterprise of employment. The company regards supermarket as the main network, sells the food as the main fact, and has accepted the food provided and delivered business of Tianjin shopping web. It has helped many laid-off workers re-employed. the company increases the sales income through trying selling both on-line and off-line,

  There are a lot of such enterprise mentioned above in TWBI, they are only representatives among them. When face the constant development and challenge of the information communication and technology in the future, TWBI has confidence in utilizing ICT and helping women entrepreneur. Under the government and the whole society’s concern, the China Women’s Incubator Web and Tianjin shopping web are trying to offer the platform of on-line incubation and e-commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises. We believe TWBI will offer more excellent business incubation service for women entrepreneur under the supported of World Bank, international organization and Chinese Government.